Being baptized by Reverend Jackson Cheres of Deliverance Church International Umoja. He is in Charge of New Life Ministry and New Believers Class. Sunday 10.04.2022

It has been an eventful weekend. How are you all doing?.

The Lord has indeed been good to me. Faithful ever true. My weekend was quite eventful and today I am gonna talk all about it.

With Salterians during the mother daughter funday at Nairobi Primary School. SALT is a Ministry of Mamlaka Hill Chapel that reaches out to the students at University of Nairobi. SALT stands for Serving A Living Transformer.


On Saturday I decided to spend my half day with Waridi Women’s Ministry of Mamlaka Hill Chapel. I was formerly a member of the church since I was student in 2007. I started as a Salterian while I still attended youth church at All Saints Cathedral. My friend and classmate Ruth had introduced me to AllSaints Cathedral in 2006 after learning I was an Anglican. We used to reside in Hall 6 then moved to Stella Awinja hostel so it was very convenient to go to AllSaints. She also attended the same church so I didn’t mind the company.

We were both bachelor of Commerce Pararrel students so we attended evening classes in Chiromo. While residing in Stella Awinja, I would pass through these many hostels at night and every Thursday evening, I would hear singing, shouting and a unique vibrancy between hall 13 and Box. So one day in 2007 curiosity got better part of me and I wanted to know what goes in there. I learnt it was a church and this was the youth service for students. You see, after joining UoN, we never got the luxury of having orientation like our module 1 counterparts or government sponsored students. So we had to figure a lot of stuff on our own. Honestly I never knew the University had a Christian Union (CU) till I graduated. In 2010 that’s when i went for my first CU service and later joined Nyanza Evangelism Team. After GRADUATION ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜… because they are the ones who approached me not my people from central region.

The girls were a ball of energy. I had received communication and registered in advance so I knew the list of items to carry. One was a maasai shuka. My preciousness were seating on their jackets. Since I don’t have any daughter, I was alone I let us all squeeze in. I love young girls ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’, they reminded me so much of my campus life and youthful days. Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

My first SALT experience was so amazing that I began to attend more frequently after my evening classes even if it was at the tail end of the service. My highlight was the ‘Nice’ biscuits and juice taken after the service. It was like a breath of fresh air after walking all the way from Chiromo Campus where our classes were at and Climbing Agony Hill. Have you ever heard of Agony Hill? I suspect that’s where the Hill in MHC was derived from. In 2009 I attended my first SALT Missions to Arusha -Tanzania. My first time ever to leave the country. My parents graduation gift was paying for my trip to TZ i go evangelize and Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 2010 I decided to be a full time member of Mamlaka Hill Chapel and i joined the ushering ministry. I had never seen such a church my entire life. The praise and worship was amazing, the sermons superb, too many white people and the congregants all spoke the English of the nose. Honestly I admired everything about this church. So end of 2010 i decided to apply for their internship program. I was accepted and in 2011 I joined their 1 year long leadership development program in the children’s department. I had wanted to join the Missions department but I was well fit in Sunday School. The best experience ever!. My duties were diverse and spill to so many other departments but I was deeply involved in women’s Ministry since the intern got a job before she could join us. So I also played her roles when needed. The best was when i was given the responsibility of hosting a ‘Ladies Aglow sub-committee for prayers every Thursday. That included writing letters to the church introducing the program, getting a venue and ensuring the vision as guided by the leaders was implemented.

The prayer meetings were a success and at the end of the internship period the ladies came together and thanked me with a cash gift. That envelope helped me buy my first Television and DVD player. I still use the TV todate. It’s an antique that I never want to let go of.

One of activity during the mother daughter funday was painting ๐ŸŽจ. The daughters were to paint while the mothers helped. I was alone so I did my own paint work. However this 2year old little girl that wore white saw me painting and wanted to do it with me. They had just arrived. Her mama wanted they paint together but she insisted on me. My heart melted. Gosh I love babies ๐Ÿ’•. So I allowed her to draw and also do the palm painting. If you are keen you will see her little palm prints at the edges of the white sheet.

After my internship in 2011 I continued to volunteer in the children’s ministry till 2016 when I relocated to Kirinyaga. It was the best experience ever. I learnt so much, I travelled extensively and I got to meet such exemplary people. I loved everything about Mamlaka.

In 2019 I was able to return to the city under the sun when my friend agreed to host me in Umoja. With no job and still trying to figure out life, I had to look for a home church that is close to my residence. Eventually Deliverance Church International Umoja became my church of choice. That is where I fellowship. However I am still in the Mamlaka Hill Chapel’s mailing list, so I still receive communication. I still get text alerts when Women’s Ministry or Waridi has an event. When am available I show up. This was my first activity to join this year. Last I attended an event was in March, 2020.

The event was everything that i had envisioned and more.

I first went to my eyebrows lady to thread them that morning. I had not booked an appointment so I had to wait for her after I called for it was quite early for the weekend. I arrived when my group was finalizing their first activity. We went through the lessons learned during the game. Then did the next activity. Played cati, blander, raunda and that thing you zungusha round your waist. We did it together. It was quite a cardio workout for me. All the games young girls play. Afterwards we took a tea break and that’s when I got to bond with my ladies from SALT. Some had arrived late and they explained that they had first gone for the dental check up.

You see, Mamlaka Hill Chapel had a dental check-up in church in collaboration with the University of Nairobi Dental School. They mentioned it had metamorphosed into a whole medical camp since The Aga Khan University Hospital were also present. I decided to check that out afterwards. After teabreak we had more activities. Young girls were now doing cardio activities while we did the paint work. The last event for the day was the talk. Our group composed of older children, teenagers and the youth with their parents.

I Donated Blood

Dont let the smile fool you. I passed out shortly after taking this selfie ๐Ÿคณ.
7th April was world Health Day. I had seen this Poster at UoN Facebook stories and I had purposed to attend this medical camp. Things didn’t pan out as I had planned so I never went.I saw Karen Hospital was one of the partners.

Hearing there was a medical camp at MHC was like music to my ears. I had missed one during the week and this was like an answered prayer. The services were not as diverse but it was better than nothing. I have an active NHIF CARD but it can do as much. I was within the vicinity so am like let’s do this. Everything was seamless, went so well till it was time to check my blood pressure. The machine read “error” twice. I wore a tight long sleeved top so our guess was it could be the cause. Also the BP machine was too big for my arm lol!. Don’t know how to explain it in medical terms. Change of machine later my BP was Gucci and I went to check my weight and BMI. Guys I had lost 9kgs since my last check up yet I was told I am obese ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚. This life!. Afterwards I went for dental check-up and as Evalyne I had it all mixed up. I started at the extraction place before the general check-up and 2nd phase before the first check up point. Eventually I fixed my confusion. But I think God wanted me there to have a chat with the lady that i sat next to. She had fears of her tooth being extracted.

In the end I got referred to the dental school and one was to crown a gap for a tooth that was extracted 5years ago. For Ksh 30,000 to 45K to get a fake tooth ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. Soon i will be rich.

After the dental check-up I decided to donate blood. I wanted to let go of the fear that I had inside of me . The control. My grandmother has been very sick having been diagnosed with skin cancer stage 4. Her blood group is B+ and so am I . We share the same blood group and I didn’t want to risk donating my blood to a stranger. “What if shosh needed blood and we couldn’t get a donor?”. I didn’t want to risk. I wanted to preserve my blood Incase she needed it. I decided to voluntary do it.

I fear needles though and seeing a guy black out after the donation I convinced myself it’s not in my place to do it. In my spirit though, I knew it was the right moment to DONATE BLOOD. The perfect day.

My turn came and the student doctor incharge couldn’t trace my veins on both arms. A specialist was assigned to me, a vein was traced but after the piercing it disappeared. I wanted to go but I stay put. On the 3rd attempt, he pierced on the vein and i pumped blood. Towards the tail end though i began to be lightheaded. Then I heard the doctor say my pint had filled. I was happy but I wasn’t feeling so well. “Ninasikia kizunguzungu!” I said while he was putting the bandaid. He is like hold your arm as he signalled to others to help. I blackout out. I do recall them though putting a box to support my legs and positioning my head. I was sweating profusely.

This is the box that was being used to support my legs and that round roll of papers. They started with a smaller box but i kinda fainted so many times.

After 10 minutes,they asked if I could sit down, which I did but I passed out shortly after. Another round of first aid. By then they had summoned female nurses and doctors. After another 10 minutes, I sat down and passed out again. When I heard it mentioned that it could be the tight clothes I was wearing, I told the female doctor to strip me ๐Ÿ˜‚. “I have a maasai shuka that we can use to cover my naked body”! I whispered. “This place is so open we can’t do that!” She retorted. I had no plans to donate blood that day, so I wore my sports bra and tight clothes in line with the event for the day. There were medics who were checking up on me all so often. One time I remember asking for water to drink, I was extremely thirsty. The main doctor declined my request. “She needs to stabilize and relax more before she drinks anything!”. ‘My GOD!.’ I stared into the ceiling and TV screen on top of me. “Let me not die before I own such a screen!?”. 15minutes later I was up. I could sit up but they didn’t release me immediately. I was later allowed to leave the ‘bed’ for the next blood donor. I walked 2 steps to my seat and I began to be dizzy again.

Blood donors are heroes.

I had carried water and minute maid which i gulped away . I was indeed thirsty. There were still medics who would come my way and inquire of my state and I would respond that am okay. I would feign a smile because deep within I wasn’t fine. I had began to sweat profusely all over again. The student doctor came my way and signalled the guy seated next to me to watch me. It was evident I was struggling.

They handed me a soda and biscuits. I just took a bite when this female doctor came my way. “Are you sure you are okay?”. Me crying at this point. I was so weak and nauseous. “NO!”. I was honestly so mad at myself for not being so strong like the other donors.

Also the last couple of months I have had to learn to be strong all by myself.

Having so many people check up on me and show genuine concern was something i wasnt used to. I felt really cared for. She signalled her colleague to help and all I remember was me lying down on the floor. This is where the first guy lay. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the cross on the wall. “Oh Lord help me” i cried. There were children mattresses there as well since on Sunday that is usually the creche. After the medical camp it would be set up. I could go all spiritual but not today. I was among the last people to leave. They checked my blood pressure thrice and everytime it read AN ERROR.. They had to change the machine and the doctor to get my BP and i was given a go ahead to go home. Finally!. They were so kind to pack me another take home soda I sip as I go home.

I had not taken heavy breakfast that morning so I thought it could be the reason I was feeling so dizzy. So I decided to passby clabu “Club 36” to buy a snack. I met with a guy on the way who had donated blood and seen my reaction. He asked if I was okay. I felt fine, so I nodded yes. He smiled and walked. I was just happy that I could stand and walk but I think I overdid for someone who barely stood an hour ago. So I climbed that kahill to club quickly. I wanted to see how it looked since I was last there. No sooner had I ordered a sausage than I began to feel sick all over again. I did bend, I could feel I was about to black out. I quickly voiced out to the seller that I wasn’t feeling so good. Immediately he showed me where I would sit and relax. It was this kibandaski. I had no strength to sit so I lay down. Good thing there were no customers. I think I lay there for long, my backpack was somewhere on the floor and it was the least of my concerns.

The owner came to inquire if am okay. When they confirmed I wasn’t doing so well, she suggested I change the seat I sleep more comfortably. It gathered attention from onlookers. Then one of the business man recognized me. “She used to be a student here, I know her!”. That is how he ended up being my caregiver for the evening. Like the good Samaritan he abandoned his business and decided to sit with me till I got better. After I gained a little strength I sat down and narrated what was wrong with me. Then I blacked out. That is how, my short stay in clabu was. One minute am talking like a parrot, all chatty, the next am quiet and ready to lie down.

It was getting dark. My caregiver suggested I eat so that I just go home to rest. I ordered food. Immediately it arrived I had passed out. He had to wake me so that I eat before the food gets cold. I would take a bite, sleep, wake up, take another bite and he sat with me the entire period. Ensured I drank lots of water too. I explained my situation that I couldn’t afford an Uber. So am like, can I boda to bus-station?. He said there were none licensed in the vicinity to get there. He didn’t trust those guys so he called someone he knew. But he was far. He advised I walk slowly to Serena where I can hop a bus to town. You will save alot too.

At one time, he told me if i black out on him another second he was gonna call an ambulance. My friends that is how i got healed ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…. I asked him why he was so good to me. “Ukiwa student ulikuwa msichana mzuri sana na ulikuwa customer wangu wa nguvu!”. He responded. I couldn’t believe he remembered me 13 years later since I graduated from Campus. Being well fed and rested, I was able to walk and commute home with no complications at all. May God indeed bless that man for me. He never left my side for more than an hour that I stayed in clabu till I regained my strength. Just left to order tea and took it next to me. God’s Angels are everywhere. May God indeed expand his electronics business in leaps and bounds. Jesus please keep Him long enough so that one day I can be a blessing too.

I am Baptized

10.04.2022 Evalyne Wanjiku Sifa is baptized.

The day finally came. I was now well rested and ready for the activities of the day. The Baptism was to take place at Umoja 1 Primary School swimming pool at 2:30pm. I usually attend 2nd service and thereafter the New Believers Class while 3rd service is ongoing. That day our topic was about tithes and offerings. Almost the same thing that Bishop J.B Masinde preached about that day. “How Far are you willing to go in your giving?”. As Deliverance Churches International the theme for this year is “Great Catch: Launch into the deep ” as derevired from Luke 5:1-11. I have been looking forward to be baptized even though it wasn’t my first time. So many factors contributed to this moment some beyond my control. But I was glad it was now happening. I got to be baptized in the name of the father, the son and the HolySpirit. I then chose my Baptismal name as SIFA. For it has ended in Praise. I am Sifa the founder of Sifa Ministries International. Stoked about what God wants to do in me and through me. My future is bright. I’m truly grateful to God. May God favour my life and ministry and use me as He pleases.


Dreams of My Grandpa ๐Ÿ’˜.


August, 6th 2021 Update

My grandpa has been dreaming of my wedding since the day I came home last month. Travelled upcountry on 8th July 2021.
It started with Ruracio manenoz and now it has metamorphosed into a Wedding.

Last night was no different. He dreamt that he overslept on my wedding day and my mama was waking him up hurriedly.

So he narrated the dream to us this morning ๐ŸŒž. My Mama began to complain and wonder if he will be dreaming the same dream every single night ๐Ÿ˜‚.
“Why can’t you dream another dream for a change that you can remember and share with us?” She retorted!. “We are tired of this your dream!!!” . I couldn’t help but smile.

“Atleast he ain’t having nightmares or bad dreams.” I intersected.
Then I read this scripture to her to calm her nerves.

Joel 2:28 (NLT)

Joel 2:28 NLTโ€œThen, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions.

Joel 2:28- King James Version (KJV)

28ย And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

Shosh and I are team cheering him on and continue dreaming old man ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ.
Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend some things while in the physical it’s another different story altogether. I’m very single and dating no man.
But we trust in the God of New Beginnings. God who changes seasons in an instance.

For in KAIROS TIME or God’s Time, 1000days to Him is like one Day.

Daniel 2:21

Daniel 2:21 NIV He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

I smile because the Lord never does anything without revealing it to His servants.
Knowing the blessings of Fathers are paramount ๐ŸŽ€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ.

This is an old photo since today is Flashback Friday.
It’s Friyay Y’all and am thinking of my Cupcake ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’–.





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Sunrise at the parts Rural of Kenya- TURKANA COUNTY as I head there as a research officer being sponsored by Agency for development Studies in Collaboration with Institute of Development Studies- University of Sussex and UN Women. To research on how young women are being empowered by the humanitarian Organizationsโ€™ based in the County and the policies that can be formulated and implemented in favor of the youth and youth groups.
The next three pictures I am in the rural area of Siaya County in the Southwest Part of Kenya in the year 2010. My mission was to implement youth policies that will empower young women to get basic health care if they are expectant or young mothers. I taught on basic hygiene methods and about their religious views and values, were they being given freedom of expression and if they were Christians I taught them more about Christ.

In the year 2011 in the Organization that I worked in as an Intern we went to East Pokot a place called Kamurio in Rift Valley Province. It takes a whole day to reach there from Nairobi because of rough terrain and one need to use four wheel drive or trucks to arrive. The people in that area are Indigenous and ethnic since its only Pokot people that live there. Very few young people access education especially young girls who are married off once they turn 12years. The area is dry hence most of the pokotese are pastoralists. I volunteered in the local school called Kamrio Primary where we taught the few that managed to come. Young men rarely came since they were herding the livestock. We insisted on the importance of education especially on the girl child. I taught the young girls on matters pertaining sexuality and of their right as young women.

We would also reach out to the young pastoralistsโ€™ men by giving veterinary services to their livestock and teaching them on how to access these services for healthier livestock. We encouraged them to use their livestock for economic development by trading them in the market as a form of livelihood.

For young people living in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya where I do reside, I usually organize leisure activities for them outside the city. This helps us to be more accountable and we discuss issues on how as youth we can be involved in the social and economic development in our community. This was at the Thompson falls in Nyahururu the longest falls in East Africa. It helped us celebrate our beautiful country and enjoy the beautiful nature and scenery. The young men and women are able to enjoy their extra-curricular activities too.

As the youth group in the local church organization in the urban community we went for a hike at the Ngong Hills on the outskirt of Nairobi City. This area is highly dominated by the Maasai ethnic group and they are pastoralists who herd goats, cattle and sheep. I was able to interact with the young underprivileged on how they can empower themselves by selling beads and their cultural artifacts that are very unique. I also encouraged them to form groups among themselves so that they can get funds from the government; youth fund to help them set their businesses. May 2014

In February 2014 we went to Turkana with other young people sponsored by Agency for Development Studies in collaboration with UN WOMEN to undertake a research on how women can be empowered in this area since most people are Indigenous and have no access to most facilities found in urban areas. They live in Semi-Permanent houses mostly of thatches, twigs and mud and the floors are of mud. My focus was on how people can have decent housing and encouraged them to build them.
Turkana and Pokot ethnic groups are neighborsโ€™ and since they are semi nomadic Pastoralists Cattle raiding is prevalent and itโ€™s the young men that are always involved in these acts. The area is dry and hence they raise camels and weave baskets. The research was done so as to come up with policies that will reduce the conflict and bring peace among the two communities. We also had to come up with ways that can enable the women to sell their baskets in the towns from their rural area since it is a distance and the terrain is rough. The mode of transportation is not easily accessible. The Turkana people have a rich culture that we celebrate but there are cultural practices that donโ€™t allow implementation of policies that may empower young women and men. Women are not allowed to do business and use of sanitary towels is condoned and so when they are having their menses they have to sit on the sand. Expectant women are not allowed to deliver in hospitals or access medical care and young girls are married off once they hit puberty. Farming is not prevalent in this area though we encourage it and fishing but it is considered a taboo according to the culture especially fishing.
Water is also a scarce resource in Turkana since it is a dry land and we encouraged the young to help in water harvest especially from the shallow wells and from the River Turkwel and Kerio River the only rivers in the entire county. To come up with policies that will bring peace and encourage the youth to be involved and Participate in the development of the area and in empowerment of the women is a challenge.

The young men are the home guards since the level of insecurity is high. The river on the background is river Turkwel. To go to some areas in the Turkana County we needed the home guards or police escort.
Having a youth forum with Turkana people on how these policies can be implemented.

A family of six member dwell in that semi-permanent house with getting basic needs being a struggle.